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Walang forever, tanga meron.
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A girl with big dreams

I am a girl with big dreams, I won’t let my dreams be just dreams. They said “Nothing is Impossible with God, trust and faith to Him is the only required.”

Naniniwala ako sa sarili ko na kaya ko rin mangarap ng malaki kase nga sinasabi na nothing is impossible. Pero this time, napanghihinaan ako ng loob. Yung parents ko hindi ako masyado suportado sa mga pangarap ko. Focus lagi nila ang kuya ko. Eh how about me naman diba? Sana naman mapagbigyan nila ko sa gusto ko maging kase gusto kong mapatunayan sa kanila ang sarili ko kahit 15 years old palang ako. Gusto ko na maisip nila na nag matured na ko, na kaya ko nang I handle ang sarili ko ng mag isa. Yun, yung lang naman ehh. Lagi kase nilang iniisip na I can’t do it. All they know is I am a child pa ehhh 6 or 7 years old child. I do not want to treated like a baby anymore. :(( nagdadalaga na naman ako ehh Bakit ganun? Iniisip padin nila na Hindi ko kaya? Bakit di nila subukang I try na tingnan nila yung kakayahan ko diba? I am not a dauntless person. Precisely, I am not. But I am here to fight for my dreams. Because in the first part of this I am the only one who can help my own personality. I am always praying to God na sana the time will come, my parents would understand me. :( I know God is good and He is always here of me. Faith is required!






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"I don’t love you anymore." he said.

And in that moment. Everything froze. I can hear my own heart beating fast, hoping that I heard him wrong. Hoping that it’s just a nightmare. Someone wake me up please?

But, everything was real. Those words, the pain I felt in my chest, the tears escaped from my eyes. It was all real.

"Since when?" I asked.

"I don’t know. I just realized one morning, that I’m no longer longing for you. You’re not my Emma Stone anymore. I am no longer your Andrew Garfield. We can’t be together. I’m really sorry."

And that’s it. He just left.

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You think you’ve moved on but there will always be this song, this place, this one thought that will hit exactly where you are weakest and you will remember how painful it was to tell yourself I don’t love him anymore.

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